Your brand isn’t just a logo, it’s everything you do to present your business. Your message should be clear and concise, and consistent across every platform and media.

We help you to achieve a logical and uniform business message, through your branding, giving you a striking and professional image.

CASE STUDY: Metals & Catalysts Recycling

This client came to us without even a company logo. Their business card did, however, utilise a colour palette they wanted to retain. Firstly, we decided that the brand could be shortened to the acronym “MCR” as the full company name was a bit of a mouthful! We then went to work learning more about the business. Their USP is the processing of Catalytic Converters from exhaust systems, which contain valuable precious metals such as gold and platinum. We incorporated the shape of a catalytic converter subtly into their new logo:

Logo Eras Bold It revised colours

We then built them a functional website and matching social media pages. We’re proud of our association with MCR and the work we’re doing with them to promote their business.